Work in Progress/Victoria Loe Hicks


I’m one of  the lucky ones — a working journalist who got out alive. Before my retirement in 2015 I was privileged to work for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Dallas Mornoing News, the San Jose Mercury-News and Texas Monthly.

Today, as a news consumer, I believe more than ever that delivering news that is complete, fair and factual (telling the truth, if you will) is still not only honorable but urgently necessary.

The technologies and sociopolitical currents that have disrupted the business are a boon as well as a threat — for the smart and the nimble. With apps, data viz and social media, today’s reporters are crafting a news experience, not just a news product. Those who do it well are indispensable players in an information culture that’s messier and more demanding but infinitely more dynamic than journalism 1.0.

Do I know what the future of news looks like? No way. Am I forever indebted to those who are up for the challenge? Heck, yeah.


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